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Hello all!

My name's Kathryn, I'm 21 years old and I've lived in Flint off and on my entire life.
I attended Potter Elementary up until sixth grade and lived in that neighborhood all my childhood.
The rest of my family either still live or used to live on the East side though.
And everyone on my dad's side of the family have either worked for or retired from GM.
My Grandpa and Uncle worked for the Buick plant up until they closed it.
And I have a few relatives who are still employed at the Delphi plants.

I moved out of Flint when I was 12 and came to Kalkaska, where I live now and I attend college up here at Northwestern Michigan College.
When I was 15 I moved back to live with relatives in Davison and when I 17 moved back again to live with an Aunt in Mundy Township.
My family is pretty much scattered all over the Flint area only four still live in the city of Flint itself, the rest are in the surrounding cities..suburbia.

It's cool to find a community about Flint itself.
As bad as Flint looks, though I hear they're trying to clean it up, since the last time I visited (last Christmas) I love the place.
Flint is my home!

And I'm also a huge fan of Michael Moore.
I remember watching Roger and Me and Pets or Meat on PBS when I was a kid.
My mom told us it was important to know about these things and ever since I've been a fan of Michael Moore and his causes.
And to this day remain very involved in political and social issues.

Well, that's my personal history in Flint.
Nice meeting you all.
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