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flintfound's Journal

Flint Found
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"Well, the million tourists never came to Flint. The Hyatt went bankrupt and was put up for sale, Waterstreet Pavillion saw most of its stores go out of business, and only six months after opening, Autoworld closed due to a lack of visitors. I guess it was expecting a million people a year to go to New Jersey to Chemicalworld, or a million people going to Valdez, Alaska for Exxonworld. Some people just don't like to celebrate human tragedy while on vacation."
- Michael Moore

"From the founding of General Motors in 1908 to the beginnings of the UAW, the Flint legacy is not the result of a few individuals, but of hundreds of residents committed to creating an environment that enhances the quality of life of all families, friends, neighbors and visitors, making Flint a great place to do business and raise a family."
- Mayor James Rutherford

"During the early 2000's Flint stands as an empty shell of its former self. The auto industry continues its exodus from Flint as does the population and sources of revenue. Flint has the highest crime rate in Michigan (5538 incidents/100000 residents) and the 45th highest crime rate in the United States. The unemployment rate in Flint is nearly 10% and unable to pay its debts, the city was placed into receivership with the state of Michigan in 2002."
- http://www.wikipedia.org/

Lot's of people have an opinion of what this city is like. But are any of them right? This is a place to talk about Flint, people in Flint, things that are happening in Flint, and anything else to do with what the city is really like.

Know something decent going on around town? Post it in here.

Saw something happen in town that was interesting or positive or scary? Post it in here.

Have any Flint topic at all on your mind? Post it in here.

Anyone is welcome to post in here, even if you're not from Flint, but go to school here, work here or have anything to do with the place.

This is the forum.
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